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Pamunkey soil series pictured above.

VAPSS (Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists) is comprised of specialists in soil survey,
soil classification, soil/site evaluation for onsite sewage disposal, land use planning and other related disciplines. Its members consist of federal, state, county and private consulting soil scientists and other professionals in closely related fields. Within its membership resides the greatest body of soils expertise in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The need for wise land use, development, and management has never been greater. VAPSS members; by training, vocation, and interest; are dedicated to the pursuit of this goal. With accurate classification, mapping and interpretation, soils can be used to their maximum potential.

Soil scientists are persons who have acquired special knowledge of these physical, chemical, and
geological principles plus the practical field experience necessary to characterize soils as to their origin, character, and utilization.

VAPSS mission is to recognize soils as a non-renewable natural resource and the practice of soil science as an interpretive science; to ensure a class of professionals exists that can properly utilize the large investment the Commonwealth of Virginia has made in the Soil Survey and to ensure the practice of soil science and evaluation meets established minimum standards of education, experience, ethical conduct and professional responsibility and to prevent abuses in the practice of soil science by untrained or unprincipled individuals.

Dedicated to Wise Land Resources Use & Management
in the Commonwealth of Virginia 
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